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I'm Mars. 24. Brooklyn. 70s fanatic. Coffee Sipper. Misplacer of hoop earrings.


Rest in peace, baby girl. 

Rest in peace, baby girl. 

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Only now am I realizing that you can have extroverted tendencies, but totally be an introvert on the low. 

This was my hair today. 

This was my hair today. 

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If you live in NYC and want to hang out with me on my next free day, I’d love to meet some of you guys in person.

Serious and non-creepy inquires only, please :) 

Just so you know, if you send some anonymous off the wall bull to my inbox, I won’t be responding to it. 


Currently: walking home from the pier slightly buzzed in a thunder storm. There’s a story, lol.

My next boyfriend should know that we’re going grocery shopping every week regardless of what we got goin’ on.

Him: “What you wanna do today?”
Me: ” Let’s go to Whole Foods.”
Him: “Babe, Brandon got that promotion that I’ve been fighting for at work. Make me feel better.”
Me: “I got an idea. Let’s go get some organic fruit!”
Him: ” Mars, we been going strong for five years now and I really wanna make you my wife.”
Me: That’s really nice, Kadeem, but I’m running out of kale and it’s really stressing me out.

Would it be lame of me to venture over to Whole Foods just for vegan cookies? They’re so good, lol. 

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I’ve started going gym again and cooking my food in advance and good prep has become so essential for me to eat my 4 meals a day. Couldn’t have said it better myself 👌

Four? I need to catch up. I always feel like I eat so much. Maybe just maybe, I may not be eating enough. 

I was recently asked for tips on eating healthier when your work or school schedule is hectic. 

I work five days out of the week and that will soon increase, but eating healthy when you work all of the time requires time management. That’s really what it boils down to. The biggest tip I can give you guys is to prepare your meals for the next day that night before. Cook large portions so that you can stretch your meals throughout the week. It will save you so much time and you’ll still be eating as healthy as you want! It also forces you not to go out and buy “healthy” take out. You’ll know exactly what’s going into your body because you cooked it! 

Hope this helps :) 

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wuttuplloyd replied to your post “I’m trying this new thing where I don’t eat anything after 7 p.m. …”

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit why are you doing that?

Apparently, it’s not good for your body to have to digest food late at night. The urge to eat chickenless chicken nuggets are real at this moment in time. 

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